Mike Tricker’s Layout

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to operate Mike Tricker’s layout. His layout was in the June 2013 Model Railroader and we had a great time.

There are three levels. This is the upper level, view from the floor:

Upper level from floor

You need to get onto a raised area to see it properly:

View across the upper curve

Upper level

Upper level

You can see into the storage through a peephole and with a tv screen:

peep hole

Here’s Harmond station on the upper level:




Port Trenton yard is here along with some great structures:

Car Float

City scene

City scene

Port Trenton yard

The next level down. First up the river:

River scene

River scene

River scene

Then the piers:

Fish Piers


You get between the levels through a helix:



The operating crew, Keith and Nick:

Keith and Nick

Me and Mick, a selfie:


Mike, the layout’s builder:

Mike Tricker

Mike at the Dispatcher’s desk:

Mike at the Dispatcher's station

Mick and Keith

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