My first New Haven layout

The layout is in a 12′ square room (with inconvenient chimney breast jutting out) and was started nearly 5 years ago. I started with two layers. The upper was to be US outline and the lower UK outline. Over the years I have given up on the UK and gone wholly American.

My layout was originally envisaged as based on the New Haven in the 1950s on one layer. Last year, a friend suggested going down to the lower level and I also bought a couple of South River roundhouses. These then lead to a never built lower level with a steam servicing facility. This was to be set in the 1930s. However, the upper level just wasn’t working so I have now started pulling it down.

The backdrop for the whole layout is plastic sheeting (4mm) which is painted with clouds using custom mixed paints. The lighting is daylight fluorescent tubes above the layout. The lower level still has the original fluorescent tubes and you can see the difference in colour below.


There are the two levels but a joining piece of track. You can see each section in the following blogs.