First New Haven layout: Upper Level, North side

The Upper Level

North Side


This side has the NEBISCO (New England BIscuit COmpany) complex with several sidings. The buildings were partly formed by a Walthers Consolidated Dairy plus a Downtown Deco Burgess Manufacturing renamed to Bowyer Manufacturing for a friend. Custom decals were made on a colour laser printer for the NEBISCO. The buildings are lit and the billboards and signs were all designed using NABISCO biscuit logos.

The front few buildings are still waiting for interiors so I haven’t glued them in yet. The main runs behind the NEBISCO complex and the tops of the trains can just be seen as they go past. I’ve glued the Walthers tenements in place but need to unglue them and put in blinds and lights. It was one of those Doh! moments when I rushing to get them finished for an open day.

The complex is surrounded either side by patches of green to break up the city scene. The far corners all need completing.


At the back is a City Classics Smallville Warehouse based on the photo from the Library of Congress American Memory website:


Photos taken from Library of Congress, American Memory, Built in America: Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record/Historic American Landscapes Survey, 1933-Present