First track plans

I model the New Haven in the 30s-50s – yes I’m indecisive but I keep buying steam locos… It will start on the coast and run up a valley with a peddler freight. The lower level will be the coast and city and main line and the upper level will be a rural branch with a train a day serving mills and creameries.

My layout is in a loft – hence the sloping sides and entry is through a hatch in to the middle. I already have a lower level built which had a UK layout on it. I have decided to put the Staging beneath it:

revised lower storage

It will be 7 inches below the lower level so you can still reach it. It comes up to the lower level on a 3% grade and enters the main layout:

revised lower layer 2

This level has 2 (yes I was mad – the stone and the brick) round houses from SRMW, a car shop and a transfer table on the bottom right. This actually goes under the eaves and you will notice that the upper level is slightly smaller on this side due to the way the roof slopes. You come out of the turntable through a steam servicing yard and onto the main. In the chimney breast alcove on the left, there will be Cambridge Crossing station and a helix up to the upper level. A peninsula holds a dock with a car float. The top side is an elevated section through a city edge.

The upper level will be rural with mills and a mill village – all SRMW when I build them. I have mocked it in but will lay the track properly when I have the structures laid out:

revised upper layer

The existing factory complex is on the peninsula.

I decided not to do a No-lix or a continual grade as the room is only 12′ square on the upper level. Also, I would like at least 18″ between the decks and that would be a 4% grade. The staging is lifted directly which avoids loads of messing around so has a fixed track plan. The elevated section is also a fixed shape with an awkward curve in it.