Moving the storage yard

I have tossed and turned and bored my railroad friends senseless talking about layout designs but managed to get the SLR (railroad cronies) plus my Dad round to do a tricky bit of manouvering. I decided to reuse my existing storage yard which was taking up too much room on the upper level and drop it 7 inches below the new lower level. It is very large (the width of the room) and wrapped around the sides too. When I originally built the first layout I cheated and got a handy man to put in the benchwork. He used twice as many screws as necessary and seemed to have delighted in building them into now covered places. I then built scenery on top and buried the screws in the ground gloop… There was much cursing and unscrewing of screws for many hours and then there was cutting and cutting and more unscrewing. At the end we removed it, dropped it down and eventually, after cutting off more bits, got it under the lower level. It took all 5 of us in places but is now installed in its new home.

There was a lot of us watching Brian (in white T-shirt) work:

Brian working

Eventually some of us got into the act too:


There was crawling into tight spaces:

Dad disappearing into the eaves

But we let Dad out again:

and emerging again...

Brian clambered all over the remains of the layout:

Brian on the layout

And even under it:

Brian under the layout

Mum popped by to feed the troops:


There was tea again (British workers!):


More crawling under the layout:

Brian under the layout again



And even the odd laugh: