Turnout panels

This weekend seems to have been just spending money. Buying wood for the still to be joined up storage sections and buying turnouts to lay as I’ve realised that you need to lay them before installing the board or it would be nigh on impossible in a 5″ gap.

I’ve hit a weekend of other duties such as cooking… I don’t know about the rest of you but I find it easier to benchwork for an hour every evening than a long period at the weekend. There’s only so many screws I can strip the heads of!!

I’ve been planning how to do the wiring for the turnouts. I want to be able to throw them from a DCC controller and via a fascia plate. I also want to have the routes show and for the storage yard, select routes rather than turnouts as it is partly obscured. I have NCE and you can do macros to set routes so I may do that instead for normal running.

If I have numbers for routes, I can put LEDs to show that the route is set. If you’re stuck on the other side of the peninsula, you can dial it up on your handset.

These are my rough fascia plates but I’m not sure how I will end up mounting them. For now I will laminate and use them. I have done a set with turnout numbers as well for help with programming but these show the macro numbers.