Storage yard grades

I’ve been pottering on the grades between the storage yards and the lower level but work does get in the way. I am now waiting for turnouts so I can finish the sides as I need to put them in place before mounting those boards back in. I might also take the opportunity to re-lay some track that has a tight curve at the back of the storage yard. My older DL109s have such long car bodies that they drag box cars off the track when they go around it. As it will be a lot less accessible soon, I’m going to do that before I build the lower level over the top.

I have got a couple of NCE switch 8s (accessory decoders) and Mini panels to see if I can get the macros running on the storage yard so that should keep me busy whilst I wait for the turnouts to be delivered. I’m also turning my thoughts to the helix which is the next big thing…

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