Layout storage

Another weekend and it is amazing how long little things seem to take. I did the grades between the storage yard and the mains but have to finish one thing before putting the final boards in. I’m also still waiting for my turnouts which means I’m kind of stuck for now as I need them before I can lay the track and put some of the boards in place.

I have loads of boxes (mostly of empty kit/rolling stock boxes) which are my storage for the layout. They are currently all stacked in my three bedrooms but my friend Leigh suggested that they were cluttering my layout room. I already have boarded eaves in my loft that have a funny screwed in access plate on each side which are rarely used. They’re at least 4 foot deep and under a sloping roof. Plenty of storage space if I just improve the access. I spent all of today putting in an access door and Brian (of benchwork fame) suggested a sliding door on the other side. The wood work needs doing before the storage yard goes in as it cuts across the top.

Here’s the one I finished:

Access door to eaves

You can see the height of the storage level marked in red.

This is the other side with potential sliding door. I am deliberately ensuring that no point motors hang down anywhere in front of the doors.

Eaves door