Wiring turnouts

I spent the weekend wiring turnouts – do you ever have that feeling that you should have thought about it for another few weeks before starting work?

I wired up my fascia plate which is a printed plan, laminated onto card and then glued on to half inch chipboard. Before gluing on the track plan, I cut out holes in all the key areas for LEDs and switches. I spent several hours wiring it all up and then realised that I had a spare turnout with no wiring.

I totally forgot about one turnout and now have to drill through for the LEDS without damaging the track. Hope I don’t muff it all up after several hours wiring everything else in!

I also spent an hour and a half trying to programme a turnout on my stationary decoder only to realise that I had reset it by mistake earlier…
Anyway, I feel like I’m advancing but it is the slow phase with nothing really to show for it.