Yard bench work

I have managed to lay some more storage track and the grades on my layout – then my friends came round and relaid one bit. Track work is not my forte! I spent all weekend building the benchwork and laying out the plan of my roundhouse and servicing area. I cut out all the holes and screwed everything down.

The most exciting part was getting out the bases for my two SRMW roundhouses and putting them in place. It probably cost me a small fortune just cutting them off the backing card but there’s no point buying them and leaving them in their boxes… The car shop, transfer table and turntable also found homes and I got my Cambridge Crossing station out to think about that too.

I lay in bed last night and thought of back scenes (I know – what an exciting life I lead!). Now how do I do them and can I reach that corner that I’ve just put an extra 3 foot of benchwork in front of…

Seriously, I’m thinking of using lining paper on my plywood walls (it’s a loft) and then painting it. I used plastic last time and have a huge crack where it shrinks and expands but paper is the length of my room long as it’s on a roll so there won’t need to be a joint.

I may have to spend some serious time filling and smoothing but it should be worth it.

I finally got around to taking a photo although it is not that clear:

steam servicing yard

The board has two SRMW round houses to the left with cranes over 4 tracks next to their right.

On their left is the SRMW car shop and in front of that is a transfer table leading to a diesel house.

The turntable will have a full round of tracks with some only little stubs.

I drew and cut it all out on the base boards and am now gluing cork down to cover it all and having to redraw it again – ho hum – didn’t think that one out well did I!