Not the vertical elevator either…

The main problem with helices seems to be reaching them if something does derail. As there is benchwork underneath, it will be really hard to get into. My worst fear is actually stalling trains as my grades on the main are also 3% and quite a few of my diesels will refuse to start again if they stop. A little nudge gets them going but it’s still a worry.

The eaves space would be insulated with the same Celotex 2″ foam that the rest of my layout room has around it. It never falls below 8 degrees Centigrade but does get into the 30s on a really hot summer’s day. I have an air conditioning unit but only use it if I am in the room.

The scenery does worry me – it’s a huge space to “hide”. Also, it would stick out so much into the room.

The vertical elevator has its flaws – it’s long but easier to hide. However, with the current planyou would run on and off from the same side so you would need to turn the train.

Basically, I’m still thinking and have no idea what to do.

I’m not really getting on with anything else as I’m still trying to decide what to do… I’ll have to have a play this weekend and see what will actually work.