Planning the city

I’ve been looking at the vertical staging and have the side mocked in…

Eaves baseboards

This is the reversing loop that will run into the eaves so that train runs off the vertical staging in the same direction it ran in.

City mockup

I’ll probably hide it with a building but cannot decide whether to leave the eaves open as a kind of shadow box and put a scene in it or to just have the backdrop up.

City mockup

When you see the whole side it just looks odd so may have to make it accessible from the back instead ie outside in the eaves.

The High Line

This is one building on the high line which I plan to copy at the far right of the long section.
Here’s the side with the building modelled in.

City buildings

I’m hoping to recreate this scene on the left (with the next boxes building):

The High Line

It will need a bit more work!

Elevated section

I’ve the boys round tomorrow for a bit of fun train time so I’m sure they will come up with loads more ideas…