Track planning the peninsula

I have been busy working on the layout and have finally got on with a few things now I have decided on a nolix and have know what I’m up to. Working out the grades has been a pain but not as bad as working under the eaves putting in a grade in the 30s. Hot and hot!

I have most of the benchwork in as I’ve been working in the week. The new plans are below, lower then upper with the grade up mostly in the eaves:

Nolix Lower Level

Nolix Upper Level

I mocked in the harbour area and spent an afternoon with Brian trying out various configurations ending up with:

Nolix Lower Peninsula

Peninsula laid out

The 3-way point is causing some issues at Peco don’t do one in code 83. My friend, Leigh, has mixed Walthers Shinohara and Peco but says you shouldn’t butt them up so I may have to rethink.