Out in the eaves and back drops

I spent the week putting in the track around under the eaves for the grade up. It’s not easy working in an upside down V-shaped room covered in spider webs with only enough room to just get your head in to see what you are up to! A coach now rolls down no problem but I still need to cover it in to avoid those pesky spiders.

I also rejigged the plan to avoid the three way point:

Track plan

I’ve been lining the walls with hardboard which works alright on the flat bits but not on the curve. You can put one sheet up ok but the second one just doesn’t line up. Hardboard isn’t quite flexible enough…


This completely stumped my friend Brian who was round helping:

Brian is stumped

Eventually we gave up and considered other options: bendy MDF. On the plus side, the peninsula is dead useful for cutting stuff on.