Sanding and filling

I’ve been busy sanding and filling, sanding and filling, sanding and filiing…. get the picture!!!

It’s almost done, just one last sand and I’m finished. I’ve bought some ceiling paint which is flexible and hopefully the cracks you get as the weather cools won’t be too noticeable.


I did get bored of filling and sanding though so I got out my kit boxes that are going in the harbour area. I need the heights correct to cookie cutter the base board.

pier box

I’ve started with the pier and overhead crane (Walthers kit). I’m not using the “wooden” sides as I want to split the wood and weather it and I can’t do that with plastic. I am using the pier supports but using an xacto knife to make them more wooden (my version on the left):

pier supports

I will probably only do the outside legs as the rest won’t show too much. I’ll have to glue a couple of pier legs on to check. I may even leave the crane for now and build the car float apron just so I can check the heights.

As an aside, this is the view from my office window in my new job – trains!