The backdrop is finally nearing completion – yeah!!! I hate this stage as it takes forever but needs to be right or everything else that you do never quite looks right.

It’s got the first coat of blue which follows weeks of filling and sanding, 2 coats of a ceiling paint which is flexible – a must in the cold weather that will shrink the wood…, a coat of Dulux once on the raised edges and that coat of blue. My rolling arm aches!

The blue is quite pale so I am undecided… The black in the corners is where I got bored of filling and it will be big hill sides anyway. That’s especially important on the corners which have rafters as well coming into them.

Backdrop base

The next decision is valances and the upper level supports. I will probably do the upper level at 18″ depth compared to 24″ on the lower level. It seems to give the best view of the lower level and still enough room on the upper level. I’m still undecided whether to put a little bay that sticks out in the middle to get more room but I think it will just look bitty.


I also can’t decide what to do with the top above the layout. Do I repaint it white? I’m also thinking of taking out the top fluorescent and putting in 6 pendant lights to light the peninsula. Once the valence is in, it will all become clearer but I also don’t want light shining up to light the top. The aim is a theatre effect with the light all on the railroad, not the room.