Fan and pier

I ache! It’s amazing how much time little tasks take. This weekend (with over 12 hours on the clock), all I have done is put in 2 extractor fans to vent the loft into the void over the eaves and then the void outside. It didn’t help that one had to be replaced and that I left part of the ducting at the shop. Three visits to B&Q is enough for anyone in a weekend!

It’s hard to believe that one little fan can take so long.


I did manage to cut up some bits of wood to edge the pier. Here they are are drying in my bath after a india ink and isopropyl alcohol bath overnight:

Pieces of wood

I used the SRMW recipe for a light wash – 1 tsp india ink for one pint of alcohol. I mixed a squirt of brown ink in to the mix. When they first came out they looked way to dark but they have evened up a lot to a pleasant light grey colour.

The aim is to add fenders to the Walthers pier as any ship tying up at the moment would bash straight into the concrete. I am basing my model loosely on the Connecticut State Pier at New London.

Connecticut State Pier

Pier edge

Pier edging

All photos taken from Library of Congress, American Memory, Built in America: Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record/Historic American Landscapes Survey, 1933-Present

The Walthers’ spacing is much closer so I can only fit one small upright piece in between the horizontal fender pieces. I’ve used 5mm balsa dowels and cut a sheet up into 5mm square strips to make the horizontal sections. The main problem is that the Walthers’ kit is too short in the piles so I will have to model nearly high tide, not too much of a dark wet band. I need to use the Walthers one as it is the same height as the car float which I am also building for the same area.