Lights and tidying

The painting is finally done – the room that is, not the clouds. I have been doing clouds but I’m no Troels Kirk!

I have been sorting my fifty odd crates of bits. Some are empty boxes for locos etc which are loose in other crates from when I took them off the old layout. I can’t believe how many buildings I have! I also found loads of detail parts which I bought half price off a dealer last year and promptly forgot about them… There’s also 8 crates of On30 stuff and that’s temporarily on hold.

At least the layout’s not going to look bare when I get going. The forgotten horde:

The forgotten horde

I also finally finished painting the ceiling white and putting up my new lights. I love them – they’re so stationy. They will be lighting the central lower level peninsula:

Peninsula lights

I then stated looking at the mess. This is the view as you come up the stairs into the loft:

View from the stairs

It’s not the tidiest! I spent several hours on Saturday hoovering and tidying until I got disturbed by a friend popping round. Today I tidied a bit more and then started painting clouds. I am not exactly sure about my painting abilities:

Upper level clouds

This one worries me even more as it looks really odd from a distance. Thankfully it will be at least half hidden by a five storey mill… I may try and add more clouds so that it looks more uniform. I’ll also draw in the five storey line so I don’t paint what I don’t need to.

Five storey mill

I’m glad to have the decorating behind me but my pile of wood and bits to sort is growing. I will put all the empty boxes out in the eaves so they don’t clutter the loft but first I need to look through to see if there are any detail parts etc in the box car kits that I need to apply.