The sky is finished

I’ve just finished the sky!!!!

I’ve actually been doing bits and bobs every night but it takes a long time to get around this volume of backdrop. Having bored my friend Leigh with hundreds of pictures of my sky, we both agree that these two bits looked really odd:



However, some bits looked ok:

Corner clouds

I painted out those two sections and started again:

Sky in place

Painted out

And redid the sections using mostly my airbrush but also spray cans and brush painting where appropriate:



Sky again

I carried on round with the airbrush and have some nice wispy clouds for the lower level:

Finished sky

Lower level sky

I’ll probably tweak some highlights etc on the upper clouds but may wait until a bit more is in to see how the sky looks with other scenery in.

The downside is that my whole loft is once again covered in dust from the spray paints. I expect I’m going to spend all of tomorrow dusting and tidying including moving all my spare boxes out into the eaves. These are all empty boxes for locos, box cars etc and so the extra heat in the eaves won’t be a problem.



The final thing for the backdrops is the hills. I bought some backdrops last year in the States and here they are laid out in my dining room:

The backdrops

I’m not sure which ones to use where so some experimentation with buildings and backdrops to see what fits where.

I’m on holiday this week so let’s see how much of my to do list gets done!