Mocking in the upper level

I am planning to cut the backdrop sky off but the trees are going to be really fiddly to cut round well. It’s not so bad on the distant hills but the town is really quite complicated. Plus, I only have 9.5 foot of backdrop and at least 12 foot on the side I was going to use them on. I’ll have to use buildings at the near end and I never wanted the backdrop to go round corners at the top so that’s ok.

I spent today pottering mocking in the upper level. I am using my purlins (that hold up the roof) to mount the horizontal supports but they are very twisted at the bottom. Consequently the upper level is all over the place as none of the supports are level. I spent a good hour levelling one 24″ square diorama spot for my Lamson & Goodnow diorama (yet to be built ). Thankfully I wanted the landscape to be hilly. I’ve even been mocking in the track as it is quite fluid on my plans. However, I’m to embarassed to post photos of my wonky benchwork. The fascia will sort it all out but that’s a few months off yet…

I’m going to get all my SRMW plans and cards out and put in bases for all the dioramas which I need to build. I can also put several of the same size on the same spot if I do the surrounding scenery well which gives me more space to build them.

Absolutely loving it and a whole 3 days of trains to come as I’m off work.