Tidying up

I’ve just got back from a week in the Lakes. It was wet and windy! We managed a few good walks and the sun even came out in between the vigourous showers.

Kathy in the Lake District

Just before I went off last week, I had the train boys round for the day and so I pulled out all the stops and enlisted any girl’s secret weapon – my Mum. We cleaned the loft out and spent the whole day pulling stuff out of it. We went from this:

The mess

to this:


The layout looks really good now as everything looks clean and you can walk around without tripping over clutter. This is the port peninsula with the pier and car float in place. I also bought 4 gas lift stools (you can just see them underneath the peninsula) as they were two for the price of one. They go between 64cm and 84cm so can be used to view the upper level as well as the lower. A huge bonus with limited space and two levels to look at plus they fit under the lower level.

The Dock bench work

I spent a bit of time on holiday thinking about what I wanted to do next. I think I will do the upper level scenery around the dioramas. That will be all the messy bits done above the lower level so I don’t rain bits down on anything beneath.

That leads me to some thoughts on the best way to do the scenery base on the upper level. I could put the track in on risers and fill with chicken wire/cardboard strips/plaster cloth or I could use foam. I’d need to find a supplier of 1″ foam as I have only found 2″ locally but I need some anyway for the SRMW dioramas that I have to build.