Sky and track plan

I spent today mooching around and painting in some wispiness around the existing clouds. On one side they were a bit hard and so looked false. I will go around again as I find the first 12 foot is always better than the rest and it takes several layers to build up the wispiness.

So far, this section has gone from this:


to this:

Updated cloud

I have to say that the other bits looked better!

I know I said I’d do the upper level first but actually, I’d like to get the lower level main line loop in so that I can test run the storage for earnest and also the grade to the upper level. I need to work out just how many coaches I can get up the slope and how many box cars per freight train. I therefore mocked in the lower level track. It’s fun trying to get it all to fit and thankfully it’s only the port bits that are tight and they can afford to be smaller radii. The hashed bits are ocean and I still need to raise the benchwork base at that level to the height of the main. I think I’ll end up fiddling the heights quite a bit to get it all to flow smoothly.

Starting the dock

The dock

The dock

Here’s a track plan to put it all in perspective although I think I may change the layout from this a little as the NEBISCO rise is too steep (5%) on the plan and the yard looks better with a slightly different arrangement when you get it in place.

That’s all for now.