Missing bench work and track laying

I’ve put in some of the missing benchwork this week – the right hand side and the port area. Photos are below, the peninsula and dock area:

Chipboard dock

The corner right benchwork. The far right will be a river. A mill canal flows behind the NEBISCO buildings and has to go somewhere so it will end up in a river flowing down the hillside. There will be buildings etc on the slope, perhaps the new SRMW Robinsons which is built to back on to a gulch. Down by the elevated railroad there will be more urban buildings which will carry on down the right hand side.

The elevated section was off my old layout so it is shaped to fit that one! I’ve managed to squeeze it in here but it leaves a gap at the far end which will need to have a raised building with a track on top. It is also a bit tall so it means a grade down for the main from it.

Corner plywood

The view through this end of the elevated section will have buildings rising up on a hill up to the NEBISCO complex behind.

Elevated section

The port track has to drop down quicker than the main and runs down to the port and drops gently down to the piers and car float.


There will need to be a handmade curved cross over as the pier and car float tracks are not a standard crossover angle. They are also curved as they come through.

Dock approaches

The dock has several tracks to act as arrivals and departures from the car float and adjacent piers. I might do a covered warehouse at the end of the far right dock but it may just be an open track.

Laying out the dock

It’s so much fun doing these track planning bits after months of benchwork and backdrops!