Painting the dock

I spent today painting – the next thing I needed to do before laying the remaining port track was my track scales. I have a Walthers set and the pack comes with two, one light weight with one set of rails and the other heavy weight with double tracks but you need to add your own turnouts at the end. I ended up building both sets so I will have a spare for somewhere else. I’m going to do the heavy weight one in the port and I have two broken turnouts I can use for the point blades.

It takes ages to paint as I was doing the pier and car float apron as well so I didn’t get round to laying the track. I still have hours of painting on the pier to get it looking good but it’s nice to do something other than track for a change. I started on the NBWs for the fenders yesterday: 56 I-shaped pieces of wood down each side with 8 NBWs in each, that’s 952 to do in total plus the uprights in between need two each so that’s another 244! Good thing there’s loads on TV at the moment.