Curved crossing

I spent all day wiring again and Brian popped round with my curved crossing. He scratch built it for me to fit in place. Doesn’t it look cool!!!

Curved Crossing

Curved Crossing approach

He then proceeded to look at one of my curves and then we pulled it up and relaid it with a different turnout! It’s good having friends that are a) better than you at track laying b) happy to help c) polite when they tell you that your trackwork sucks.

I finished laying the main line (track on the middle left of the photo above) so that it runs all the way around. I’ve learnt how to use youtube so here’s a video of it. When you can’t see it then the loco is running around the storage level which is mostly hidden:

It did ever so well considering the track hasn’t been cleaned for ages and has heavy crud on it now.

Next up is wiring the port!