One of those days

Some days you just wish you hadn’t bothered!

I laid the track for the yard throat at the weekend and then cleaned all my track. I put some rolling stock on the track and ran some trains. The grades cause a few problems and some locos have no problem with the trains but others, well they couldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding! The answer I think is Bullfrog Snot. You have to set the wheels running and then put it on with a cocktail stick. You keep running the wheels until it’s gone off. Yesterday I did one of the I-5s. I had to jam the wires in as none of the non-driving wheels appear to have pick ups. That is a major problem. I did eventually get it to work and successfully got the Snot on:

Upside down I-5

Today was a completely different matter. I tried the I-5 and it ran up the slope no problem with 6 coaches – brilliant – then it promptly derailed on the first turnout – argh! I left tried three more times and it derailed on all of them… I left it and went to bullfrong snot the next I-5. The evening got worse as I tried to do the next I-5. I just couldn’t get the wires to stick in place, they slipped into the green snot and spread it everywhere, it globbed on to the other wheels, gunked the whole underneath and then I broke a piece off. It took 10 minutes to create chaos and then 50 minutes to clean it up!

I’m now back to square one and decided it was time to quit. I can’t believe that the I-5 doesn’t have feeds on every wheel but I need to work out a way of feeding the wheels easily. I can’t stand there for 20 minutes holding them whilst it dries!