Track work gremlins

I’ve just dropped my O-scale diorama off at Warley MRC show at the NEC. There’s over 85 layouts this year so lets hope they get the 18,000+ people through the door as previous years. I might get my J-2 and Porter out tonight to take to add to the NMRA prototype modelling stand which my diorama is on.

I’ve now finished laying all the track including the port and the yard throat. I need to lay the track through the yard but need to build the coaling tower and inspection/ash pits. I’ve started to build the pits but got distracted as always by track laying. I would like one track mocked it so it can reach the turntable which I now have in place. I can’t fix it in until I know where the dead zone is. I have a full ring of track but across one section is dead where the split ring on the turntable is. I’m testing it but I need all my tracks to be live!

I managed to sort out the turnout last night that was causing problems. It looked like a banana because it was at the end of an incline. I’ve pulled the cork roadbed out from underneath to flatten the top of the curve and shimmed it with card to a less banana-like shape. I didn’t get a chance tonight because of driving to the NEC but hopefully once the glue has set the I-5 will run over it without derailing. They are very jittery locos and I ended up relaying a curve on my last layout despite everything else running over it no problem.

I’m at Warley for the whole of the weekend but am hoping to test the I-5 at some point…