Those pesky I-5s

The layout is still having the bugs ironed out, the biggest problem being the grades. I have one corner that has a turnout at the top of a grade and everything derailed there. I’ve relaid it but I was using what was on the side of the loft when I started putting test trains together. The I5s were there along with a pile of Branchline 6 axle coaches. Everything else runs well but that particular combination of a bullfrog snotted I5 and the coaches derailed every time somewhere.

The I5s now derail on every turnout, even the straight through ones. They crab along on straights with the first driving wheel off the rail until it hits a turnout… I guess the bullfron snot is coming off again…

I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning unpacking my Rapido coaches. 7 run perfectly but the other 3 need some work as they jump the track in certain places. I think they are binding on the under detail which was loose on one car when I got it. Funnily enough one was a full skirted and the other two were both of Pullman Green partially skirted coaches I have.

I’ve put them on one side for now but will get around to sorting them soon. The 6 axle coaches also cause problems and one of my friends suggested it was the middle axle being too rigid. When I get some time I will open up the axle pocket to give it a bit more upwards movement.

I got my transfer table in and working – it needed a couple of joints resoldering but works like a dream now. The lights are way to chunky so it needs some work to look good. I spent 5 hours cleaning the crud off a friend’s box cars – I can’t believe he ran them on his layout with that much gunk on as well as mis-matched couplers and plastic wheels. I’ve had to order some more kadees for the rest of my new cars and locos that need upgrading.

The good news is that I now have 6 trains running with no derailments (but no I5s or 6-axle coaches!). I’m going to tidy tomorrow and get some buildings mocked in before my friends come on Monday.