Ironing out track work bugs

I had three friends around on Monday and we ran trains all afternoon. There were some problems as the room heated up and one curve got a serious kink in it from the heat. I’ve cut a bit off the track and now there’s a gap instead. The Shinohara double crossover started playing up by not throwing properly across so I spent a happy hour today putting in thicker .497 wire. It seems to have done the trick but I wonder if part of the problem was the heat playing up on the inside curve next to the crossover (the serious kink was in the outside curve). The permanent magnets have also gone as the feedback was “lose them”.

Pete and Brian had great fun switching the port area. I think they got the NCE way of throwing turnouts as there are no fascia plates or anything (just plans so you know the number). It’s dead easy and I have some macros set up too which make throwing every turnout on the main as easy as press a button, type “99” and press enter.

I’m slowly ironing out the bugs but still need to spend time on all the areas to get them completely smooth in all temperatures. It’s the loft (9C to 29C is the range!).