Bikini Car Wash

Yesterday I braced and painted the walls for the bikini car wash and left them under a pair of bricks to dry.

I got the bikini walls out from under the bricks and they had stuck to them… I ended up chiselling off brick dust from the walls and repainting them last night. Thankfully the walls hadn’t stuck the second time. I usually use floquil but was using polly scale as I didn’t have any white floquil which may have been the problem. My floor is excellent for drying though as it is heated!

It’s that obligatory out of the packet photo…

Bikini car wash box contents

I braced the walls as per instructions but have to say, I prefer bracing them after painting as the bracing doesn’t go to the end so it is much harder to keep them straight at the ends even under a brick.

Bikini car wash walls

The first coat is the SRMW light A&I wash:

A&I wash

The heated floor is brilliant for drying painted wood – just remember to let the paint dry a bit first!

Walls weighted and drying

I painted a couple of thin white polly scale “reefer white” coats, stuck them to the bricks, chiselled them off and repainted. The walls below have a third coat of white covered by a really light A&I wash. I then brushed on powdered white pastel chalk to brighten it up a bit as it was looking a bit dull.

Painted walls

I then sprayed the chalk with dullcote to seal it. It gives it a speckled look in some places which is excellent.

 Dullcoted walls

I put on some of my earth colour (pastel raw umber tint 2) on the bottom.

Bottoms weathered

Next I put on the signs. I scanned them first in case I fluffed it but they seem to have gone on ok.


Finally, I pounce-wheeled the rivets although they don’t really show up here:

Finished walls