Bikini car wash comes together

It’s been a quiet week but I have got a few things done. I assembled the buildings. I can’t say that they are 100% straight because of the slight warping. The roofs are just resting in place below:

Car Wash buildings

I couldn’t find any rolled roofing in the pack so I made some more out of copy paper sprayed with black car paint. I cut it up and used transfer tape for the first time to stick it down. It works easily enough if you don’t stick it to the wrong side! I used some grey pastel chalk and a coat of dullcote which took it straight back to black again:

Car Wash roofs

These are the buildings put together with some extra bracing to stop the top of the walls bowing out. The bottom is glued to the foundation so it is straight but the top is still bowing slightly:

Car Wash buildings

I am putting the buildings on a base but I am unsure about its depth. It’s two pieces of 5mm foam core deepbut is to fit in next to the road which will be 3mm foam core. I will have to see if one piece of foam core is strong enough. The potential base needs bits cut out to get to road level which doesn’t seem very realistic:

Car Wash base

Here’s the base (5mm foam core in black) with the road (3mm foam core in white). The black foam core base had the ramps cut through and bottom card layer and some of the foam removed. It allowed the black ramps to go down to road level. However, I had to put in the road edge to get the exact height. The white is wood glue, partly gap filling and partly glueing everything in place. Hopefully it will all blend when done:

Bikini car wash base