Distant hillsides

I’ve been busy working on the distant hillsides. They need to be done first because they won’t fit in under the valance and go behind dioramas etc after they are in. I am planning to use foam for the basic shapes – scraps mostly and then “trees” on top. I wasn’t sure of the best way to make the trees so I have been experimenting.

I started with the basic foam shape:

Foam base

I then added a layer of glue:

Dribbled glue

I was hoping to find some black quilt wadding but they didn’t have any that was fluffy enough at the local quilt shop so I bought white instead:


More glue was drizzled on:

More glue

I scrunched up bits of the wadding to make “trees”. There’s no need for trunks as they are distant hills:

Scrunched up wadding

The trees went on really quickly until I had a whole hill side:

Covered hillside

I sprayed black car paint on the hill side to fill in the shadows:

Black sprayed

Next step was to sprinkle on dark green Woodlands Scenics Fine Turf and flick it in to the crevasses. I followed by a green ground foam:

Green foam

I sprayed it with a mixture of Isoproyl Alcohol and water and then dilute PVA glue:

IPA and glue

This is what it looks like dry. It’s a nice hill side but too “close” ie not blue enough:

Not blue enough

I tried spraying it with a dilute powder blue emulsion. The first coat was a bit thick and looked really awful:

Sprayed blue

More ground foam and a finer spray later looked much better. I then sprayed it with loads of hair spray to keep it in place:

More ground foam

Here the hillside is in place on the layout:

Hillside in place

And another view:

Hillside in place

I’ve started the section of hill to the left but it has a weird shape and needs the Martin Machine diorama and river to fit in it. I tried using a green spray rather than black as well to see if it looked better.