Martin Machine corner scenery

Christmas drinks put pay to most of today but I did manage to finish the second bit of hill. I sprayed it with green rather than black which means it doesn’t quite tie in… I had to cut some of the first hill side away to fit in the Martin Machine diorama base and used the off cuts to blend the join. It still needs a bit more work to blend properly.

The new hill side is on the left and the blue blocks in front are the ground level of the back of Martin Machine. There will be a road just in front of it. Between the diorama and the “hills” behind will be proper trees and rock faces and then the river on the diorama itself.

Martin Machine scenery

The gap still needs some work but I will do some rock faces at the base (where the pink foam is on the right):

Martin Machine background hills

I think I will also add a few of the lighter trees on the right and vice versa to blend it in more. The trick will be making the diorama removable so I can work on it on my workbench and then making it fit in.

Upper Level scenery

The aim is that the river will look like the area below – around the original Martin Machine:

Martin Machine prototype river

Martin Machine prototype river

Martin Machine prototype river

Martin Machine prototype woods

Martin Machine prototype river

This is the view from the road and as you can see, there are loads of trees!

Martin Machine prototype river

The view from the back shows the difference in height between the front and the back. Not sure how I’ll fit the road in though:

Martin Machine prototype from front