Upper level scenery

I spent today pottering around on the scenery. I hot wired out the river and then put up some fascias because I needed them up for the next stage. They are about 2-4 inches too high so they need to be cut down but I will do it in situ when I know where the base land will be. This is the uncut fascia, levelled with a spirit level at the bottom:

Layout from stairs

This shows how much there is to cut off – and this is the highest scenery side – most of the other sides will have much more to cut off:

Fascia to cut down

I’ve cut the fascia down on the one section ready for the scenery:

Upper Level fascias

I used a combination of sculptamold and plaster cloth to do the scenery base. There was foam underneath to create a basic former:

Upper Level plaster cloth scenery

This is the final product:

Upper Level scenery

These are my new lights for the lower level. The ballasts are separate so they are literally a tube and quite a small one at that:

Upper Level lighting