Upper level river water

More scenery! First I painted the river and hills brown. This is a diluted raw umber acrylic brushed on:

Upper Level river land form

I needed some bridge abutments for the railroad so carved some foam and then buttered it with hydrocal before carving them:

Bridge abutments

Here’s them in place, with the river and first coat of gloss acrylic floor polish:

Upper Level river with acrylic varnish

We’ll see if the floor polish works. Everyone raves about Future floor polish and this is the nearest I could find in the UK:

Lakeland Limited floor finish

I may have it a bit thick so it will be interesting to see what it looks like in the morning:

Upper Level acrylic floor polish

I then needed a waterfall for my weir so I used clingfilm with silicone adhesive. I smeared a strip on:

Upper Level waterfall

and then dragged it down with a cocktail stick. It says that it dries clear but I’m still waiting:

Upper Level waterfall

I smeared more glue on to form the dam at the end of the section. I need to put a lot more “water” on to get the levels up:

Upper Level waterfall location