Upper level river water – hmmmm!

My acrylic varnish still hadn’t dried this morning so I spent a bit of time building some dams to dry overnight. It isn’t very deep either and I wanted a bit of depth to the water. Unfortunately I want the illusion of depth up river but the river area is actually more or less flat. I want to cover most of the rocks with brownish water but so that you can still see them. The dams are in acrylic gloss medium which should dry clear. After 12 hours I’m still waiting! I also tried a bit of mod podge gloss to see if it was any better but no joy. We’ll see what they look like in the morning but they’re still bright white. They are solid on the outside but I guess still damp inside. I wonder if they will ever go clear of if they are just too big.

I’m going to wait until everything is really dry and then pour some Envirotex lite now everything is glued down with varnish. I need to colour it a brownish colour so the river should end up looking a bit like this:

Martin Machine prototype river

Not sure that this looks like that yet:

Upper Level river

Upper Level river bed

I may have to embed some rocks or perhaps scoop out the white bits if they’re still not right… On the bright side, the waterfall looks good:

Upper Level waterfall