Starting Martin Machine

I’ve started the South River Model Works (SRMW) Martin Machine for the corner of my layout. I need to build it soon before it becomes impossible to get in place before the scenery gets in the way.

I took the requisite photo of the box contents:

Martin Machine box contents

I’ve been reading the manual and studying the cards that come in the box. There’s loads to do! I’m looking forward to it but it’s my first big craftsman kit. Here goes…

I’ve braced the sides – I’m really worried about warping after my last FOS kit so I’ve cut every piece to the exact size. The rest of the walls are still under bricks:

Martin Machine braced walls

I got the plaster castings out and one was in 5 pieces. Thankfully it was a fairly decrepit wall and I managed to glue most of the broken pieces together but one still shows. I don’t think it will be a problem by the time everything is painted:

Martin Machine broken casting

I already have a base which is half inch chipboard. I’ve put a foam board spacer underneath to raise the building slightly and then stuck the base plan on. I have stuck one casting but the rest are still foxing me for lining them up so I’ll glue them tomorrow:

Martin Machine base

The diorama will fit in my layout in the corner at the back:

Martin Machine site location