Painting Martin Machine walls

I spent the day painting bits and bobs on Martin Machine. Firstly I primed the plaster castings with Halford’s grey primer, I primed the brick with red paint and then painted the inside of the cover over the turbine exits black.

Whilst all that was drying I painted the walls again. On the left are the walls with two coats and on the right only one:

Martin Machine walls

I then peeled off the rubber cement with masking tape (on the right):

Martin Machine walls

The finished wall is quite peeled. Not sure I would have done that many peeling walls. In O scale I would have left the paint peeling and flaking off but in HO I pulled it off with the masking tape as it is a little over scale.

Martin Machine wall

Here’s the whole batch done up:

Martin Machine walls

After that I got back to the plaster walls. Here’s how the walls turned out:

Martin Machine dam

Martin Machine rear deck

Martin Machine turbine outlets