Martin Machine windows

I’ve finally finished cutting up glass for the windows. I used microscope slide coverslips which are .013-.017mm thick. Each window generally needs 2 panes as they are double hung sash windows. I cheated and used canopy glue for the doors though as it is easier and the white metal castings are harder to put glass into. The large windows look less good but there are only two of them though. I weathered the window frames once they were in with chalks and Polly Scale paints and then cleaned all my windows with IPA. There is a definite look to real glass rather than acetate:

Martin Machine walls

The next step was to put the walls together. Not easy. I knew the base hydrocal foundation walls hadn’t gone together great in my view and I did end up with a gap which I had to fill with a 1/16″ filler. Let’s hope the roofs go on ok!

Here’s a view of the river (south) side. I’d yet to put the west side walls in on the left:

Martin Machine initial wall build

This is the north side and you can see the double filler in the middle to get the pieces to line up with the base. I will put a strategic down pipe for the gutter at this point. I don’t think Bob modelled the gutters in his kit but I will add them as they do make a huge difference to the final roofline look.

Martin Machine walls assembled

This aerial view gives you an idea of the wierd angles involved:

Martin Machine aerial view

The west side went in and you can see it all lined up (phew!):

Martin Machine walls assembled

Next up is the roof…