Martin Machine roofs

I’ve been working hard on Martin Machine but did manage to hoover and clean my track in the loft and even ran a few trains!

First off I put the ribs on the seamed tin roof edging:

tin roofs

I trimmed them off and then painted them grey. I weathered the panels with chalks in IPA and did the valleys in similar colours. I used a thick layer of whitish grey chalk on the lead pieces and wiped most of it when it was dry:

Martin in place

I need to do the cupola roof again as the masking tape didn’t take the chalks as well as the tar paper.

martin roofs

Next up was the sluice gate roof. It’s built from wood, panelled and then tiled. You can’t see the panels when it’s done but at least I know it’s there…

porch roof

porch roof


I still have the snow guards and guttering to do but didn’t want to knock them whilst doing the landscaping so got on with the rest of it first. I needed to build up the terrain so used bits of blue foam. I’ll dump a tonne of sculptamold on next and still have the left hand side to do. You can see the level on the back of the wall.

Martin front view

The river is on the right with the dam at the back. The left is a flat road in front of the building. I am also planning to build a platform over the river by the stone wall because that’s what the prototype has. I put a door in instead of a window so it has somewhere to run down to.

Martin side view

The dam is quite steep with a wooden crib to build on top yet.

martin river view