Martin Machine scenery

I’ve been working on the scenery around the building. I’ll do the final details on the building when I’ve done the first round of scenery so I don’t knock them. I used fine grey Woodland Scenics ballast for the front of Martin Machine which I’m undecided about. I would like something a bit finer really.

Martin Machine front
IMG_6211 - Copy
IMG_6212 - Copy

Next up was the dam. I built the dam over the plans using greaseproof paper to prevent them sticking. The middle shorter support was a tad too long so is at a wierd angle but you can’t see it when everything is in.

IMG_6215 - Copy

The whole dam is built up from strip wood as the prototype was. Here’s the first layer of supports:

IMG_6216 - Copy

There are two layers of planking perpendicular to each other on top:

IMG_6217 - Copy

This is the final dam before a sculptamold fill goes on top to bring it up to water level:

IMG_6218 - Copy

This is the sculptamold fill painted brown and I had to fill a bit extra on the side of the dam. I’ve put in envirotex water dams which are the white mod podge. Bob says to pour the water more or less last but I might do it sooner rather than later as it’s at the bottom of the scenery.

IMG_6220 - Copy

In the meanwhile, I started to scratch build the wooden platform to the door to the bottom left. I scratch built the steps by notching out stringers and then gluing on the steps:

IMG_6227 - Copy