Finishing bits on Martin Machine

Martin Machine outletsI’m still doing the finishing bits on the building and surround with quite bit more to go. First up I stretched out some clingfilm then scraped some silicon adhesive down the cling film to make the falls over the dam. I need to leave some gaps to show the work under the dam or there was no point doing it all!

Silicon sealant waterfall

The waterfall is in.

IMG_6233 - Copy IMG_6234 - Copy IMG_6235 - Copy IMG_6238 - Copy IMG_6239 - Copy IMG_6240 - Copy Martin Machine waterfall

I hope the top is level for the dam. I put a bit of mod podge at the top to act as a dam on the non-waterfall sections.

Martin Machine mill pond

One thing I changed from Bob’s model was a door like the prototype and stairs down to it. The top platform didn’t look wonky in real life!

Martin Machine river bed

I put some grout over the ballast but think I will end up doing another coat of grout.

Martin Machine grout road

I also did the jib crane (forgot to take a photo) and the sluice gate:

Martin Machine sluice gate

Martin Machine sluice gate