Arrggghhhh! My envirotex leaked!!!!

I put a few hasty dams in place and loads of masking tape, a block of wood and I’ll pop and look at it in a few hours. The edge causing the problems is the long edge which will border on to river on the main layout (this is a diorama). I think I a) mixed too much resin, b) didn’t get my dam as high as I needed it. Ho hum, you live and learn.

My diorama is now 5 inches off the work bench and any final few drips will be caught by a foil sheet… At least one pour seems to have been enough for the lower level (I will need at least 2 more pours on the upper level.

Now let’s just hope it sets well!!!!!

I did manage to do the fencing and start the loading dock this morning as well as another coat of grout on the road. I also put some green on the concrete around the dam as if it were algae. I would have got more done but I’ve got a cold and spent all afternoon playing charades with Mum instead.