Second pour

The second pour went much better and I put a better dam on the lower level. Spent half the day in bed but did do the loading dock and envirotex pour as well as painting two little hydrocal huts that come with the kit. I still need to do the roofs.

Here’s the big picture with very flat water. Can’t wait to do the ripples… I coloured the first pour a little much so it was very brown but the second pour was much lighter so you can see the details through it.

Martin Machine second pour

This is the loading dock in situ. A couple of pieces rotted through so they replaced them with some spare painted bits of wood.

Martin Machine from front

I must take a close up of the jib crane – and get it straighter! The glue is a bit loose at the bottom so you can spin it round. The fences are also in.

Martin Machine back deck

The mill pond and fence beyond are in. Need to put some ground around that last fence post as it looks high and dry!

Martin Machine mill pond

The lower river needs loads of ripples and white water with some water coming out of the turbine exits and overflow.

Martin Machine river

I think I’m going to put these two cute buildings, one at each end of the diorama. I first stained the buildings with a medium india ink and IPA wash. I then painted them with polly scale reefer white thinned with vallejo matt varnish. A similar mix of reefer grey picked out the trim. Roofs are to come with some chalk weathering.

Martin Machine outbuildings