Martin Machine details

It’s been another long bank holiday weekend although the Royal Wedding did distract me on Friday! The jib crane and steps are in at the river end:

Martin Machine jib crane

The river is finished. I wasn’t happy with the falls as the top ended up too white and obscured the planking detail under the water. I’d mixed what I thought was a small dab of white in with the modpodge to give a hopefully translucent look but unfortunately it just looked white! You can’t tell until the modpodge dries as it is white when wet and clear when dry.

The good news is that modpodge and acrylic paint come off envirotex very easily so its easy to change if you do change your mind! The white in the river is a little over done but I’m not changing that too! In the end I had to redo the debris on top of the waterfall as it was attached to the modpodge and the waterfall themselves lost most of their envirotex cover. It gave me the opportunity to add some chamomile tea leaves to the dam top which improved the look of the debris. Some of the waterfalls stretched a bit but they glued back together. I put some quilt batting teased out at the bottom for the water splash. The juries out on it…

Martin Machine river and waterfall

Martin Machine river

Martin Machine mill pond


I’ve only the guttering and chimney details to do on the building (and the sign!). I realised that I don’t have room for the power pole but I’ll build it anyway for another building. I then need to put in the shrubs and trees on the river banks.

I put the rolled tin edging on all the roof bottoms but actually, the river side doesn’t have guttering so it probably wasn’t needed. I’m not putting snow guards on there anyway.

I scratchbuilt the snow guards from brass wire and styrene strips. They just need weathering up and installing:

Martin Machine snow guards

I even got back on to my layout! First, I put in the bridge – cut down girders in the end. I used Wills plate girder bridge onto a styrene base, painted black and rusted up a bit. I put in a set of bracing between the two girders made from styrene L girder. I tried some other ideas for bridges but they looked wrong in situ. I therefore had to add a grade for railroad to get up to the girders. I used expanded polystyrene cut to a grade with my hot knife. I used sculptamold to bed it in. I then did the river edges by putting on a big run of glue along the walls and piling up sieved soil against it. I waited for the glue to dry and flicked the soil on to the banks. I then sprinkled on a further layer of soil, woodland scenic’s blended earth, normal tea leaves and chamomile tea leaves. A liberal sprinkling of IPA and water followed by diluted white glue to hold it all down:

Upper Level river

A close up of the bridge:

Upper Level river bridge

This hole at the top of the river is where Martin Machine will sit. I need to do the top river Envirotex pour once it’s in and then I can do the rest of the scenery up to it. The only problem is that I want it out in October for the NMRA BR convention and I can’t work out how to do that easily once the trees are in.

Martin Machine diorama location

I’ve also been working on the pier fender edging. Not quick to all these pieces with NBWs – at least 2 or 3 in each individual piece! I might fill and paint the water surface soon as the plastic wharf is quite bendy so I want to install these in situ. If I can get the track down on them then I’ll have somewhere else to store box cars as I seem to be running out of room for them. I need more storage sidings and although I have really long ones, they are quite hidden so I only leave full trains in there. Because of the grades the trains are quite short… I guess I need to put two per track but I’m sure I’ll just rear end something if I do that. Perhaps a magnetic board showing what is where might help. I’ll have a think…

Milhaven dock piles