Martin Machine REA van

I haven’t been posting for a while but I have been busy. I have been playing around with rusty cars and the thread is here. I’ve finished the scenery on Martin Machine with only the people, vehicles and electric wiring to do. I started to build a Jordan Miniatures open bed truck but when gluing the roof on I got some glue on the window which fogged it. Not to be deterred I rusted it up a treat and fogged the windows deliberately with dull cote and now it will have a home as a rusted hulk on the fifties part of my layout. I’m now building an REA truck as a Martin Machine van using all the tips from building the first Jordan vehicle. I hope this one will go better. Pictures to follow…

My next job on the layout is to wire the upper level – I’ve got the track and accessory wiring in. Next up is wiring the Tortoise up to the Switch-8 and then putting in the bridge track and normal track around the river area.

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