Milhaven dock

I’ve been working on my harbour area. I had a pile of half built Walthers kits that I thought I should probably finish them! I started with the pier which had been dragging on as I added NBWs to all the fiddly bits of wood for the fenders on the sides. I finally finished them and installed them in place. The water is only painted Payne’s Grey acrylic for now and I am going to put a thin layer of coloured Envirotex on before installing the car float permanently in place.

I weathered the pier with MIG pigments and sealed with a pastel sealer. The crane isn’t weathered yet but I put it in place to see how it looked. At least I’ve space for a few more of my box cars now!

Coal pier

Coal pier rubbing strakes

Coal pier and car float from above

The stumps are from a old pier that has been demolished. I need to add some green around all the footings and paint the stone wall up.

Pier water painted

Coal pier side view

Peninsula water painted

Water's eye view of car float

The car float has the usual fenders around it to help car floats end up in the right berth. I still need to finish the fenders on the left hand stretch but all those NBWs take time…

Coal pier and car float