Milhaven dock water

I’ve been really slack at posting but have been busy I promise you! I have been working on the harbour area and realise that since I last posted I have almost finished a cabin scow (AMB laserkit) and am half way through an FSM pile driver. I also have done all the water…

This is the Cabin Scow. I will add the final details but I have ordered a covered barge and I wanted both to be detailed the same and so I am waiting.

Cabin scow

I used some gloss medium I have but it set with loads of white waves. Maybe they’ll go clear over time…

Deserted pier

This is the first section I did with a Frenchman River Works tug that needs painting. I wrap the boats in clingfilm to prevent them getting stuck to the waves when I do them so they are all removable:

Coal pier

The tug still needs finishing but the water is in. I had problems with one section setting – must have been a bad mix but otherwise the Envirotex Lite has been excellent. I coloured it with a few drops of a Vallejo acrylic to give depth:

Car float and tug water

The tug is just leaving with the stiller water to the right and the foam representing the wake. I still need to give it a few more coats on the frothy bits but ran out of impasto gloss gel:

Tug from above

The clear spot to the right is where the FSM pile driver is going:

Car float and coal pier