The humvee has been started but is still under construction. I’m having great fun working out what an alien energy blast would do to one and how the bumpers, wing mirrors and body would crumple (if at all) when it rolls over sideways. Here’s where I’ve got to so far:

Humvee chassis

The most exciting thing is of course Optimus and Bumblebee!!

Here are the boxes as they arrive – quite large but there are a lot of contents:


Here’s the contents of the kit plus the english translation from the internet. I don’t read a word of Japanese but thankfully some one has translated the words. Most is just numbers and arrows but those odd sentences may be useful! Many of the sprues have been painted as well as having decals for the flames and markings.

Box Contents

I used a Mig dark wash to bring out the details, of which there are many:


Here’s an example of one corner piece done:

Shoulder joint

It does make a huge difference on the lighter parts but I think it will be worth it. The upper part on the left hasn’t been done but the lower one has:

Sprues weathered

Here’s the finished frame and you can see how the details pop out compared to the previous photos:

Finished Frame

I don’t think much of this will be on show but it does look good!


I have sprayed the blue and red pieces to get a glossier more paint like finish. I didn’t want to totally repaint, not with the decals done but the pieces are body coloured plastic which looks just like that. I sprayed dullcote (as it is a lacquer and clear) as a primer and then a coat of Vallejo gloss varnish. They’re still drying but I think they will look good. I’ve used this technique with satin varnish before and that really does work. Unfortunately, in the films Optimus is quite shiny so it needs to be gloss.

I’m just waiting for it all to dry before I can assemble him.