Optimus build

I popped to Hobbycraft to get some metallic acrylic paints and spent the afternoon assembling part of Prime. I do prefer stick and glue model kits!!! Some of the pieces are a pain to get to fit and so you end up pushing and hoping nothing will break. Don’t get me on to the bits on his shoulders that fall off every second…

Anyway he’s looking cool so far.

Optimus frame

He’s headless because I only put the dark wash on the blue and red bits this morning and it was still wet…

Metallic layers

The foot took an hour to get the blue piece and the two next to it on but it does look good!

Optimus's foot

As with all pre-painted kits, there are unpainted sprue marks. Most aren’t too obvious but the ones on these shoulder tanks are really obvious. I’ll have to touch them up when I’m done:


The legs are nearly done and bend in amazing ways:

Optimus coming together

The major bummer is that when you take the sprues off the blue pieces, they blister the varnish. I took me hours to get these on so I’m not surprised that they are bit tatty. Thankfully I’m doing a battle diorama so I can use the blistered bits to look like damaged paint. It all works out for the best but I’ll be extra careful with the next bits. The really large pieces were already off the sprues so they look fine. I have the same varnish to touch it up and the other side doesn’t look too bad at all. It’s the kind of place which would have a lot of damage. I’ve also worn the wash off in places so I’ll have to top it up. It didn’t flow too well on the high gloss coloured bits so they need some more work.